SFCO Audition Policy for Strings

Violin,Viola, Cello, Bass

When openings exist within a string section, auditions are scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the season. Interested players are welcome to sit in with the orchestra for one rehearsal in order to decide whether they would like to audition.

Interested string players should contact the SFCO for more information about the orchestra, the audition process, and to schedule an audition. Upon successful completion of the audition, additional membership information will be provided.

Players who have not performed with the orchestra for two seasons or longer will need to successfully audition to return to the orchestra.

Seating in SFCO String Sections

Seating in SFCO string sections is determined by the Music Director, in consultation with the section leaders. Currently, the violin and viola sections rotate internally, and most violinists rotate between first and second violin sections during the course of the season. Due to the small size of the sections, players in the cello and bass sections currently rotate intermittently.

For more information, please contact: sfcoinfo@gmail.com or call 505-466-4879.